Monday, 10 November 2008

Guerrilla Warfare

Track 10 from the album Stigmata Playing Up Again.

Projectiles rain down
My umbrella is torn
"Friend or foe" but I can't hear the answer
A doll is lying like a cliche in the mud
I've got the answer
(I think I've got the answer)
A trumped up charge and it's breaking my heart
I've got guerrilla warfare in my own back yard
You're taking hostages and doing their hair
You think you're Che Guevara!
The right wants to set me free from the tyranny of laziness
The left wants to run my life to cure me of laziness
And you just want me to do the washing up


  1. If there was a left over track off of R.E.M.'s "Lifes Rich Pageant", this would be it.

  2. Watched on you tube. Loved the walking bass line. Also the haunting melody into the end The La La La's
    Keep up the good work. I've got more videos to watch. You guys are radio ready. Hope you get a break.

  3. It kinda reminds me of something off Pet Sounds.