Friday, 7 November 2008


Track 7 from the album Stigmata Playing Up Again.

It's to good to be here wasting time with you
We let the clock tick 'till our skin turns blue
You've got a hairstyle from the past
And that's a criminal offense
I've been looking for someone who can count to infinity
I can wait for a long time, forever
Are you looking for someone who has hypochondria
Who can wait for a long time, forever
You don't have to kill me every time you speak
You break my concentration once a week
There's something eating at my mind
You've got a decade to explain
We're racing with the raindrops to the ground
We're going to make the same unhappy sound
You're in a headline from the past
What will the government do next?


  1. Daniela Vrasinec14 March 2009 at 22:12

    My Favorite song its amazing I am your fan number 1 :) I will send your songs to everyone I know cause such phenomenon like you have to be listen by people of everywhere cheers!

  2. I was searching up some bands and i found this song. You guys

  3. are pretty good. Im not sure how well known you are but ill introduce you guys to all my friends. Good luck with the fame.

  4. Lazzer in California27 April 2009 at 20:17

    Very attractive song, Daniel!

    Hypochondria and "We do these things" are QUALITY, mate. Not sure, but these two songs catch my ear straight away.

    All the best!

  5. Fuck you, seriously. Sorry for the 'kind' words, but man, you are raw talent. Incredible taste in lyrics, notes, etc. It's like always listened to your songs, but they all are surprising at the same time. How can you be SO AWESOME?