Thursday, 6 November 2008

The World is Waiting for Your Invention

Track 6 from the album Stigmata Playing Up Again.

You aim but you miss the target - it happens every time
A lifetime in waste disposal with links to local crime
Four hundred broken TVs hide under your bed
You better keep your mouth shut - you don't want to end up dead
My brother's a psychopath but...
He is waiting
He's so patient
The world is waiting for your invention
Examine the scene each evening, checking for prints and clues
Wipe everything you've handled, burn all your dirty shoes
The inspector is on the TV announcing his latest lead
But you're an ambitious person taking only what you need
Making babies, making mistakes...
I'm not very good at stealing and crime don't seem to pay
It's eating into my savings
Let's be best friends until you're bored
D'you promise to come and see me?
I'm keeping it warm for you


  1. The very first song I've heard from you. I have to say this was the tune that inspired me to paly the guitar and write again after many years of writer's block. Just want to thank you very much for making me get back into it and enjoying it more than ever.

  2. Catchy stuff.
    Thanks for restoring my faith in the future of music :)

  3. I swear, listening to your music is like being in a state of euphoria. You have to put your kinks/morrissey medley up for download some time soon Daniel! Look forward to hearing from you.

  4. I wanna EAT YOUR MUSIC

  5. I've listened to this song a half a dozen times and it's got to be the most melodic, intelligent pop song I think I've ever heard.
    ...reaching out for a used Rickenbacker 330....

  6. Cool song, great production

  7. jesus, this song has the stature of a classic...