Tuesday, 11 November 2008

What's It Like To Always Be Wrong

Track 11 from the album Stigmata Playing Up Again.

Are you making a documentary?
A documentary all about me?
Are you in it?
What's the ending?
Are you with me?
Are we happy?
I need someone to correct me
What's it like to always be wrong?
Books and TV just can't reach me
What's it like to always be wrong?
Do I ask you too many questions?
Does it drive you to distraction?
Are you working as a boxer?
Punching people 'till they fall down?


  1. I think I love you.....................

  2. This was the first Primrose League song I found on Youtube - repeated listens proved to me that new music can still be incredible!

  3. You are truly gifted. Thank you for the awesome 'Greetings to the New Brunette' totally wonderful version. I have been converted. Please keep it coming, so glad I found you. Sal

  4. The first song of yours I heard and, even after many great creations later, I think it is the best. Your work is much appreciated.

  5. Where do i begin.........You are one gifted fella. your music is truely amazing i can't get enough of this song. keep playing man.

  6. Erik de Nooijer10 July 2010 at 01:33

    Wouw that's the thing i would like to say!!!
    Really like you're music and you're covers.
    You really have the rickenbacker sound in you're tracks.
    Rickenbacker guitars are the best ever!!!
    Please go on like this

  7. your guitar riffs are fucking incredible and this is the best.