Saturday, 1 November 2008


Track 1 from the album Stigmata Playing Up Again.

There's a whitewash at the Whitehouse
We all got the memo
You need to take some time off
Look after your garden
Even though you know nothing's gonna grow
I was bleeding at my dad's house
Severed feelings you're supposed to hide
Looked into my future
Saw that it was over
He kicked me in the nuts and I knew that I'd become a man
You know you always slay me
I can't keep up
You know how much you pay me
It's not enough
I'm sleeping in front of your house
I crawled here last night
Use me as a doormat
Use me as a bike rack
Set me on a burglar
I wanna be your wage slave!


  1. Love the chords on this, very melodic.

  2. canzoni fantastiche! io avrei pagato volentieri per questi brani.

  3. Man I wish I had your talent - this is just really, really good. Thanks, mate.

  4. Good way, man! Have you any time for anything else ? :) There will be day, when I have my own music studio. And then, who will controll the world ? :) Best regards from Poland.