Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Plan

Track 6 from the album Letters to Cyril Connolly.

While we're taking tablets
You are making magic gadgets
A box with flashing lights
It does nothing
We never read the textbooks
And you know all the buzzwords
Whatever you say next we'll agree to
Tell me what's the plan
Take the pain away
Tell me what's the plan
I'll do what you say
My mantra is secret
Your techniques came from an old book
The meditation helps me to trust you
The answer is suspect
If the answerer's a pervert
If only we'd been technically able
Reality's dawning
In the ugly comedown morning
Can friendship survive such a beating
Illusion is shattered
Without money nothing mattered
Our angels are swimming in bullshit

Sunday, 7 June 2009


Track 5 from the album Letters to Cyril Connolly.

Sucking on a choc-ice
and burning in the sun
you're conversing with policemen
before the protest has begun
The skinheads flex their muscles
at the policeman from abroad
The lady with the megaphone
is going to be ignored
Angry people everywhere
Manifestos to declare
Apathetic folks beware
In Trafalgar
Buy a T-shirt of the Queen
Postcards of the things you've seen
To remind you where you've been
In Trafalgar
A Tory tells a story
about the rubbish in the streets
and how the Unions brought the country
to the brink of self-defeat
A socialist is listening
He can't believe she's got the nerve
These days we're all so greedy
and I never get what I deserve
You mustn't feed the pigeons cos they are a nuisance
but you gotta feed the children cos they are the future
So what would Nelson say about the games we play
He'd probably just take Emma up the National Gallery