Monday, 7 September 2009

The Cheapest Supply House On Earth

Track 9 from the album Letters to Cyril Connolly.

The citizen's hat, of a very high degree of excellence
Easy on the head, maybe a windmill of galvanized steel
The management of heat is the secret of making good cheese
No better gun made, an effective cure for the scourge of the kennel
Don't buy from the retailer
We are the cheapest supply house on earth
To be thoroughly up to date you must wear one of our up to date shirts
We make them extra large to cater for the needs of very fat men
Don't buy from the retailer
We are the cheapest supply house on earth
For your own good now, don't buy from the retailer
You know we are the cheapest supply house on earth
The medical guide, instructive in the peculiarities of women
A work pure in tone, eloquent in denunciation of vice
The suit keeps him warm, and is admired by all of his neighbours
Capacious packing trunk, to supply a demand for men's smoking jackets
One horse power, for use in a barn where several horses are kept
Baptismal pants, dried fruits should not be omitted from your order


  1. Hey man. I'm 15 and your guitar covers and tunes are simply fantastic. I hope 2 see you on letterman!

  2. Keep up the good work! Great to see you're taking influence from some of the great retail catalogues of Chicago.

  3. This song is underrated! Great work!