Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Where I Sign My Name

Track 1 from the album Havoc Monk Unseen.

When the sun goes down
And there's no one around
There's a bus that takes us right down into the town
We get our spray cans
And we climb very high
Propellent to the top of the world
Some like their skateboards
But that's not for me
I want to leave my mark where people can see
Something to gaze on
A work that catches the eye
Till the council pulls the bastard down
I'm the shadow
You have to live in
Where I sign my name
I'm the image
The world is made in
Where I sign my name
The thrill of danger
The thought that we might be caught
While you're tucked up in bed just like you were taught
Meet the new owners
Of all we deface and
Inherit from the living dead
Just choose a new name
Something cool and absurd
And introduce some walls to the written word
Paint your own poster
In an impossible place
To prove you've got the biggest balls