Saturday, 1 May 2010

Shadows Have Genes

Track 2 from the album Havoc Monk Unseen.

A pigeon carries twigs to its nest
A cuttlefish blows sand away
A beaver builds a damn and manipulates
the world around it for many miles
Sometimes an animal may benefit by
Moving an object that is
Another animal and they already have muscles
So they're easier to move
A flower uses insects to move its pollen
A library uses humans to move its books
Finally it is the fish's own muscles
That the angler uses to close the gap between them
The nightingale, its song affects me
As though of hemlock I had drunk
Imagine how much devastation it could
Cause to other nightingales
A parasite queen needn't exert her own jaws
If she can make some workers kill their own mother
A martian accustomed to universal trust
Would struggle to understand the art of secrecy
A tree casts a shadow
The shadow helps the tree to make more trees
Some shadows are better than others
Shadows have genes


  1. Great song, Daniel. Always a pleasant suprise listening to your work. You manage to stay refreshing and original.

  2. Richard (France)2 May 2010 at 09:07

    Great and always!! Thank you so much.

  3. Geddy (California)2 May 2010 at 11:38

    So far HMU has more grooves than the last two albums. Love the song!

  4. i love how fresh you keep your music daniel


  5. Martin (New Zealand)3 May 2010 at 06:51

    Great bass playing. Your best song yet I think.

  6. Loving the banjo ;)

  7. What a brilliant bass groove. And what a beautiful song. Peter Gabriel eat your heart out!

  8. what a fantastic song man!

  9. Great song... cool beat and nice vocals

  10. Another great song from you. You really have a knack for a strong chorus, I've noticed. I wish that were so easy for me to do.

  11. billy (big big fan) blackpool22 September 2011 at 09:30

    genius,superb,best musician out there,and doing it for pleasure,i listen every day,keep it up are a great example of all thats great in music,melodic,great hooks,superb musicianship.Fan for life,and im a fifty year old.

  12. Nick (Melbourne Aus)12 January 2012 at 16:08

    Aboslutely love this track. As a bass player, I can honestly this one of my favourite basslines. Keep coming back to this song for that deep slide. Just brilliant Daniel. I'm a big fan of your work in general but this dong in particular.

  13. Nick (Melbourne)12 January 2012 at 16:10

    damn typos I obviously meant absoltutely and song