Sunday, 16 January 2011

Book of the Future

Track 6 from the album Havoc Monk Unseen.

In 1995
Humanity will thrive
The world will be a magical place
Technological change
Fantastic and strange
Unfolding at breathtaking pace
An intelligent machine
Keeps your bedroom all clean
And helps you to get education
We won't need any cars
Just teleport to Mars
And wonder if you're still the same person
In the book of the future
There's a perfect world for me and you
It's all in the book of the future
Now we just have to make it true
In our giant glass domes
Our watches, our phones
Computers will take over soon
You can rearrange your face
So there's nothing out of place
And a baby's been born on the moon


  1. This song is really growing on me, that riff won't leave my head so I listen over and over... really great stuff!

  2. Incredible opening riff, always a joy to hear new music from you, Daniel. You always come up with the goods.

  3. This is just freakin brilliant!