Sunday, 3 April 2011


Track 7 from the album Havoc Monk Unseen.

When they make a movie about this time
They'll have a guy wearing a suit and tie
He'll give his report to the Princeton men
Cos making a bomb is a serious thing
Oppenheimer asked me about my wife
This was near the end of her short wife
I borrowed a car from this german guy
And later on he turned out to be a spy
They censored all my letters to my family
They had a list of words no one can see
Arlene wrote a letter on a jigsaw
The censors couldn't take anymore
I sat by her bed to watch her die
It took a few months before I could cry
A flash in the sky
But there is no sound
We could blow up the world
No one could see
Except for me
We could blow up the world
Bob was the one who rained on the parade
It's a terrible thing that we just made
From the man at the top this came as a surprise
But when you go to New York you begin to realise
All of these buildings gone in a flash
A civilization reduced to ash
We put all that power in the President's hand
I couldn't get the workmen to understand


  1. Manhattan: Amazing...totally sets the mood of the lyrics, and the loop at the front of the tune is awesome!! Rush meets My Bloody Valentine!! Keep the music coming, it's your Moral Imperative!!!

  2. I'm smiling as I listen to "Los Alamos From Below" with Feynman and seeing where your inspiration came from...the song is PERFECT, from the Harmonies to the lyrics. I personally like the long pause after "It took a few months before I could cry"...This is a VERY good song...the song makes more sense when you learn the his last recorded words were "I'd hate to die twice. It's so boring."