Monday, 7 May 2012


Track 10 from the album Havoc Monk Unseen.

What brought you to my door
Where you visiting the flats in numerical order
Did you have much luck before
Do you call it luck or something more religious sounding
You can't leave people alone
Cos your god commands you to spread the good news to your neighbours
As soon as I open the door
I see the watchtower and your desperate smile to hold my attention
Do you think there is a god
Who created the whole world so we'd have somewhere to live
I think about it almost every day
And in a funny way its true
That you can have a conversation with someone who isn't there
But really, in the end, how much can you learn
From talking to yourself
Do you understand the scale
Of the thing you call creation and your place within it
Cos there's quite a lot of stars
And it seems a waste to create so much stuff for no reason
In the battle for my soul
Telling me what to believe is tantamount to cheating


  1. One of your best - and that's saying something. The guitars really ring out. It's on repeat play!

  2. Une vraie "claque" comme on les aime: de la pop de haut vol!



  3. The Great Constantini15 August 2012 at 04:03

    Another fine track Daniel. I always enjoy visiting for some ear candy. Your music always leaves me pineing for a ric. But I will have to settle for less. Nicely done!

  4. I only can describe this song as astonishing. You have a mind like very few in rock. If nobody has discovered you, they should know much better.

  5. The lyrics are brilliant and insightful. I can sit here and visualize the empty stares of these people @ my door who have themselves created all of these, uh, words on paper, attributed them to deity, and yet have no concept of the actual universe. Coupled with the most gorgeous, shimmering music, and my favorite 'band' has yet again impressed in ways others can't even begin to touch. ERIC

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