Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hidden Order

Track 12 from the album Havoc Monk Unseen.

Don't try to plan it
Or it becomes a habit
And before you know it
You're lost inside a hidden order

Forgot to buy your dinner yesterday
Had to phone the restaurant right away
Told them very carefully the things you need
Later on you find they've lost your order
It was a hidden order

But still it's out of order

While you're optimising
Things go astray, it's not your day
And while you're being careful
The psychopaths come out to play
You're a sensitive soul
And they can't be expected to know
About anything in particular
At all

Your brand new telescope
Turned out to be a microscope
And what you thought was a planet
Was actually a weed in your herbaceous border
(herbaceous border)

You came up with a theory yesterday
So you put it into practise right away
But the world has had the gall to disagree with you
And all your life you wish you'd been much bolder
But now you're just much older
And now your flat's just colder

It's just a hidden order

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  1. Absolutely think you've heard it before..the mark of a wonderful songwriter..rics